Discovering The Roots

About Us

In 2020, Bamboostan sprouted from a simple question: can everyday products be beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly?

Inspired by India's abundant bamboo resources, we traded Mumbai's bustle for Assam's verdant embrace. Bamboo's rapid growth and strength captivated us. We envisioned a complete bamboo world, offering more than just pretty products but also sustainable living solutions.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Assam embodies this vision, crafting top-notch bamboo building blocks for exquisite finished goods worldwide. But Bamboostan's impact goes beyond products. We built a robust supply chain in Northeast India, ensuring fair trade and empowering local communities.

Sustainability is our core. Led by Divya Munot, a champion of sustainability, and Siddharth Munot, a visionary entrepreneur, we aim to inspire a wave of changemakers. Our dream? A world thriving with bamboo – homes built with it, workplaces adorned with its elegance, and everyday essentials crafted with care for the planet.

We envision a greener tomorrow where bamboo becomes the cornerstone of sustainable living. Join us on this journey! Explore our bamboo products and let's rewrite the narrative together. Choose a future where both we and the planet flourish.

Our Founders

Siddharth Munot (Co-founder)

Siddharth Munot, our illustrious co-founder, stands as a testament to the power of self-made entrepreneurship. With an entrepreneurial spirit that knows no bounds, Siddharth’s journey includes the remarkable founding of the wildly successful Armed with a Btech degree from IIT Bombay, Siddharth’s visionary approach has been a cornerstone of his success. His dedication to business excellence and his profound impact on the entrepreneurial landscape make him an invaluable driving force behind Bamboostan.

Divya Munot (Co-founder)

Divya, our co-founder, is a leader in sustainability with an engineering degree and an MBA from the SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. Her educational prowess is matched only by her commitment to positive change. Divya’s vision and leadership are instrumental in shaping Bamboostan’s sustainable journey. Her expertise in process design and scale-up, combined with her unwavering dedication, propels Bamboostan towards a future that’s not just sustainable but thriving.