Our Story

In the bustling city of Mumbai, Divya Munot and Siddharth Munot shared a vision of a more sustainable future. Inspired by their passion for environmental conservation, they embarked on a journey to make a meaningful impact.

Their journey led them to the serene landscapes of Assam, where the abundance of bamboo sparked an idea. In 2020, they founded Bamboostan, determined to harness the power of bamboo to revolutionize industries traditionally reliant on wood.

Their first step was to promote the use of bamboo in paper mills, replacing the need for wood in the production of paper and other stationery items. With success in this endeavor, they turned their attention to B2B industries, where wood was a primary resource. Through innovative solutions and tireless advocacy, they introduced bamboo as a sustainable alternative in sectors such as food and stationery.

But their mission didn't end there. Recognizing the need for change at the consumer level, Divya and Siddharth set their sights on the B2C market. Here, they have started their work with kitchenware and home decor, aiming to expand their offerings over time. They are empowering individuals and households to make eco-conscious choices by offering a wide range of bamboo products.

Bamboostan is named to reflect their ambition, similar to Hindustan, which symbolizes their ambition to transform the entire country's approach to using bamboo and gradually eliminate the use of wood. They understand this is a long-term mission and have committed themselves to achieving this vision.

Now, as they continue to expand their reach and influence, Divya and Siddharth are leading the charge towards a more sustainable future. With each step forward, they are proving that by embracing bamboo, we can build a world where environmental preservation and economic prosperity go hand in hand.