Discovering the Roots


Our mission at Bamboostan is to interlink the complete bamboo sector value chain, facilitating the large-scale production of premium-grade bamboo products meeting global quality standards from India.


Our vision at Bamboostan is to nurture a collaborative ecosystem that engages with diverse eco-friendly materials, fostering a positive environmental impact.

Why Bamboo?

Outperforms Plastic & Wood

Renewable & Recyclable

Grows Rapidly & Strong

Versatile & Aesthetic

Our Story

Welcome to Bamboostan, where innovation and sustainability converge in harmony! Our journey began in 2020 with an unwavering vision: to cultivate a thriving business while nurturing our planet. Enter bamboo—the superstar among natural resources that captured our hearts and minds!

Leaving the bustling streets of Mumbai behind, we set our compass towards Assam, enticed by its bamboo treasure trove—boasting nearly 60% of India’s bamboo wealth! Did you know India ranks second globally in bamboo production? That’s the spark that ignited our journey. We delved deep into research, meticulously crafting products and decoding industry insights. What emerged? Our pride—a top-notch facility nestled in Assam—a living testament to our relentless pursuit.

But that’s not all. Our state-of-the-art unit serves as the launchpad for large-scale standardized modular bamboo components. These semi-finished products are the keystones, globally adaptable for crafting top-notch bamboo-finished goods. This strategic move will ignite the momentum needed to propel the value chain of the sector.

Moreover, we’ve woven a robust supply chain of bamboo within the Northeast region.

These foundations serve as the bedrock of India’s bamboo sector, providing the vital infrastructure for its continued growth and success.

Yet, our ultimate goal extends beyond bricks and mortar. We aspire to inspire a legion of entrepreneurs, unlocking bamboo’s full potential on a global scale. Our dream? To create a world where bamboo thrives in every imaginable way, fueled by innovation, sustainability, and boundless possibilities.


The Brains Behind the Idea

Divya Munot


Divya, our co-founder, is a leader in sustainability with an engineering degree and an MBA from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. Her educational prowess is matched only by her commitment to positive change. Divya’s vision and leadership are instrumental in shaping Bamboostan’s sustainable journey.

Her expertise in process design and scale-up, combined with her unwavering dedication, are propelling Bamboostan towards a future that’s not just sustainable but thriving.

Siddharth Munot


Siddharth Munot, our illustrious co-founder, stands as a testament to the power of self-made entrepreneurship. With an entrepreneurial spirit that knows no bounds, Siddharth’s journey includes the remarkable founding of the wildly successful

Armed with a Btech degree from IIT Bombay, Siddharth’s visionary approach has been a cornerstone of his success. His dedication to business excellence and his profound impact on the entrepreneurial landscape make him an invaluable driving force behind Bamboostan.