Bamboo Flat Sticks


Product Description: 

  • Unleash versatile possibilities with Bamboostan’s renewable bamboo flat sticks.
  • Built to endure through unrivaled innovation and treatment.
  • Expertly processed for construction, crafts, and creative projects.
  • Choose from a range of sustainable sizes and forms.

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Here’s How You Can Use Bamboo Flat Sticks

  • Fencing: Interweave bamboo flats for sustainable garden and privacy fences.
  • Wall Coverings: Adorn walls in organic style with woven bamboo stick panels.
  • Ceiling Accents: Install bamboo stick ceilings for an earthy, rustic look. 
  • Art and Crafts: Shape art, trays, coasters from handy bamboo stick bundles.
  • Garden Structures: Construct planter boxes, plant supports with hardy bamboo sticks. 
  • Interior Details: Incorporate sticks into cabinet doors, displays for natural appeal.
  • Woven Projects: Weave flexible sticks into baskets, mats, packaging and decorative wares.
  • Ice Cream Sticks: Shape and mold earth-friendly bamboo ice cream sticks.

Thickness Length Width
1.5 mm 5ft 4 mm
2 mm 5ft 9 mm
2 mm 5ft 10 mm

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