Bamboo Round Sticks


Product Description: 

  • Shape endless possibilities with Bamboostan’s renewable bamboo round sticks.
  • Exude versatile strength and creative flexibility from natural bamboo.
  • Built to endure through unparalleled innovation and treatment.
  • Expertly processed for diverse DIY projects and crafts.
  • Choose from a range of sustainable sizes – easily cut to any shape.

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Here’s How You Can Use Bamboo Round Sticks

  • Kulfi Sticks: Shape beloved traditional frozen desserts with handy bamboo sticks.
  • Incense Sticks: Craft aromatic incense cones with natural, sustainable bamboo.
  • Toothpicks: Create eco-friendly oral hygiene tools using bamboo’s strong versatility.
  • Barbecue Skewers: Skillfully grill meats, vegetables with reusable, renewable bamboo sticks.
  • Kebab Skewers: Impale grilled fare on sturdy yet smooth bamboo rounds.
  • Coffee Stirrers: Mix and stir favorite beverages with compostable bamboo sticks.

Thickness Length
2.5 mm 5ft
3 mm 5ft
3.5 mm 5ft
4 mm 5ft
5 mm 5ft
5.5 mm 5ft
6 mm 5ft
8 mm 5ft

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